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China chips to be used in place of Intel’s

CHINA-DEVELOPED computer chips will be widely adopted in government bureaus and core industries like banks and energy firms, Shanghai-based chip designer Zhaoxin said yesterday.

It’s the latest effort by China to improve cyber and technology security nationwide by developing own chips with a high level of security and software amid the furor surrounding security flaws found recently in Intel chips.

The chips are developed by Shanghai Zhaoxin Semiconductor Co, and backed by a government fund as well as industry partners including Lenovo Group Ltd.

In 2018, Zhaoxin aims to ship about 100,000 to 200,000 computer chips, up from almost 30,000 chips in 2017, said Ye Jun, chairman and chief executive of Zhaoxin.

The chip flaws, which affect billions of devices including phones, computers and tablet computers, are due to a fundamental hardware defect that can’t be fixed short of a recall.
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